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Strategic Business Planning


Mentor Your Business will work with you and your Senior Management to undertake the right strategic business planning for you. Throughout the process, we will get to know you and your business and offer smart ideas and solutions along the way.

Goals Of Our Strategic Business Planning

    • Setting and prioritising targets and objectives
    • Organising and systemising the business
    • Developing leadership and teamwork
    • Improving Standard Operating Procedures
    • Establishing effective time management
    • Refining the Operational and Manufacturing process
    • Improving Financal Management 

Having identified key factors that will impact most on your business, we will utilise our past experience to make recommendations and implement strategic business planning to improve performance outcomes in the following areas:

Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Operations and other special projects or specific requirements. 

How We Perform Strategic Business Planning

It’s near impossible to achieve anything of note without first devising a solid plan. We’ll work closely with you and lead you through the steps required to develop a high performing strategic plan that’s flexible to change and that works for your business. We want your business to feel confident that no matter what future challenges come your way, you have the right strategic plan to handle it.

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Assess the current position of your business

In order to help you determine the best areas to dedicate your resources, we will use the understanding we’ve gained of your business combined with your knowledge to establish an accurate picture of the present status of your business and its position in the market.

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Determine your business direction

Having reviewed your current situation, we then want to determine the direction in which you would like your business to go. To do so, we’ll work with you to identify what is important to you and set or re-evaluate your business’s mission, vision and objectives. Together, we will identify your priorities that the strategic plan will focus on.

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Define measurable objectives 

Having determined your business objectives, we will establish a strategic plan for the achievement of your goals. This will define the objectives and outline how each goal can be reached and provide us with an understanding of the best ways to allocate your business’s resources in order to achieve these goals and priorities.

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Review how the strategic plan is performing

Finally, monitoring, evaluating and refining progress in line with the strategic plan is required. Performance reviews, monitoring and reporting are essential elements of change measurement for senior management to ensure you are on track to achieve the outcomes required.


The most successful businesses are not run on

impulse decisions but instead the result of planning,

performance monitoring and continuous

improvement actions under strong leadership.


✓ Challenge existing methods

✓ Constantly monitor and check progress

✓ Mentor personnel to improve performance outcomes

✓ Strive for a better everything

✓ Develop strong leaders

✓ Develop effective teams

✓ Review your value proposition in the market place

Once we have devised a strategic plan, we will work with you to build a strong leadership team who can effectively implement and manage the plan.

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At Mentor Your Business, our mentoring services aim to sustain the things you are good at while developing new ideas. We share our own experiences to help your business uncover new opportunities. Our service include business performance reviews, strategic planning and leadership coaching, which we provide in a diligent manner on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost.


First of all, we will perform performance appraisals to assess the current state of the business, from Financial and Sales and Marketing to Administrative and Operational Performance.

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In addition, we will work closely with you and your Senior Management to develop a strategic business plan that is customised to your business and its main priorities.

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To help you lead effectively, we will assist you in identifying areas of personal development and provide you with key ideas and information that will

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