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Mentoring Services

mentoring services


At Mentor Your Business, our mentoring services aim to sustain the things you are good at while developing new ideas. We share our own experiences to help your business uncover new opportunities. Our service includes business performance reviews, strategic planning and leadership coaching, but we will work with you to determine what will work best for your business. 


First of all, we conduct performance appraisals to assess of the current state of the business, from Financial and Sales and Marketing to Administrative and Operational Performance.

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In addition, we will work closely with you and your Senior Management to develop a strategic business plan that is customised to your business and its main priorities.

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To help you lead effectively, we will assist you in identifying areas of personal development and provide you with key ideas, techniques and information.

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Wondering if our Mentoring Services are Right for You?

Are you or your business…

  • Experiencing growth and the new challenges that arise along with it?
  • New to business and not sure where to start?
  • Looking to transition or sell but not sure how?
  • Having financial concerns?
  • Finding it hard to attract new clients/customers?
  • Working harder and harder but don’t seem to be getting anywhere?
  • Feeling like you’ve run out of ideas?
  • At a crossroads and need to figure out what’s next?

Do any of these common situations resonate with you? Then Mentor Your Business’ mentoring services might just be exactly what you need to keep your business moving forward. Having a professional and qualified mentor to guide you toward common goals will significantly assist your business in getting started, figuring out your next move or finally seeing some reward from all your hard work.

Why Choose Mentor Your Business?


We don’t just give you advice, rather we work together with you as a partnership. A partnership alliance is of the utmost importance for any mentoring program to succeed.


We have over 40 years of experience in business, so we’re likely to be familiar with the challenges your business is facing today. Now, we’re well equipped to pass on our knowledge and expertise to assist your business.


There are no unnecessary up front costs and we don’t tie you in to any long-term contracts. Instead, we only want you to pay for the actual hours that you require our service. As much or as little as you like.

So why not gain from our years of experience and test the waters by engaging our mentoring services for as much time as you wish and see what we can recommend and implement that will benefit your business.

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