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Business Performance Review


An essential process for profit and growth success is the business performance review. This includes performance appraisals of structure, financial analysis, staff evaluations and operational performance. Following our FREE consultation, we initiate this as the very first step involved in our mentoring service.

We work with our clients to establish the main problems the business is facing and essentially the reasons for considering the engagement of a mentor. Once we have gained this information, we provide an overview of how we would operate and the costs for our services.

Our business performance reviews appraise the key areas of your business to obtain the following:

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✓ An overview of the business’s products and services and the markets in which it operates.

✓ An review of the past and current business financial trading results.

✓ An overview of the business structure including personnel, roles and responsibilities.

✓ A summary of the capabilities and performance of key divisional management.

✓ An overview of the capabilities of the business including Financial, Sales and Marketing, Administration, Manufacturing etc.

✓ What are the current objectives for the year and beyond and how they are expected to be achieved.

✓ A succession plan for you and the business.

✓ A review of the opposition.

✓ Your input on any of the above or other matters that are priorities to make a significant change.  

Our business performance reviews, from Finance to Operations and everything in between, will provide you with a complete overview of your business.

Consequently, our clients will be provided with the best possible solutions, resulting in a well thought out strategy that will meet today’s needs and enable tomorrow’s opportunities.

Once we have an overview of your business, we can then develop a strategic business plan that aims to move your business forward.

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At Mentor Your Business, our mentoring services aim to sustain the things you are good at while developing new ideas. We share our own experiences to help your business uncover new opportunities. Our service include business performance reviews, strategic planning and leadership coaching, which we provide in a diligent manner on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost.


First of all, we will conduct performance appraisals to assess the current state of the business, from Financial and Sales and Marketing to Administrative and Operational Performance.

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In addition, we will work closely with you and your Senior Management to develop a strategic business plan that is customised to your business and its main priorities.

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To help you lead effectively, we will assist you in identifying areas of personal development and provide you with key ideas, techniques and information.

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