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About Business Mentoring

About Mentor Your Business


Mentor Your Business specialises in assisting small to medium-sized businesses based in Adelaide and South Australia who seek external expertise in managing their business. Whether you’re new to business as a start-up and not sure where to begin, you’re experiencing growth and consequently new challenges have arisen or you’re at a crossroads and just not sure what to do next, our business mentoring service is here to help.

Our greatest strength is the expertise and knowledge we have acquired over the past 40 plus years. We combine this knowledge with your talent to create a unique business coaching experience to proactively turn your growth and profit goals into reality.

Meet Our Business Mentor

As a client, you’ll be working with our Principal Mentor, David Macklin. Throughout his career, David benefited from the invaluable advice he received from accomplished leaders. Now, he is passionate about passing on this advice and sharing his experience with the next generation. 

David makes an excellent business mentor because he has the confidence to lead the way while still possessing the openness to listen and adapt. His entrepreneurial spirit and inquisitive nature drive him to strive for improvement. He will continually ask, ‘how can we do this better?’.

David has extensive experience in Business Management. He has mastered the ability to deal with multiple issues simultaneously while keeping focus on the business’s priorities. In addition, he has established new businesses from inception to maturity, transformed non-performing businesses into profitable organisations, and successfully transitioned the sale of businesses. 

David Macklin about business mentoring
David Macklin
Principal Mentor

    Some of David’s achievements include:

    Business performance transitioning to achieve positive outcomes.

    Instigating and negotiating significant national and international contracts.

    Successfully expanding local businesses to service national and international markets.

    Developing companies from inception to maturity.

    Successfully introducing new brands to South Australia.

    Building strong and effective managerial teams and change implementation.

    Demonstrating strong managerial leadership skills and excellent sales and marketing results, culminating in successful sales of businesses.

    Using analytical skills to develop marketing campaigns that resurrected product sales in some of Australia’s largest national companies.

    Led change management programmes to educate, empower and promote employees internally from a previous older traditional culture.

    With a wealth of experience behind him, David is well equipped to share his knowledge through business mentoring. He can assist you in achieving your long-term and immediate goals. So why not give him a call today. 

    “Business SA recognises the value of wisdom that comes with age and experience, by recruiting mentors to impart their decades of experience with young entrepreneurs.”  


    Nigel McBride, Chief Executive, Business SA
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    Our relationship will be built on mutual respect and understanding.

    Business Coaching Partnership

    At Mentor Your Business, our aim is to form a valued partnership. We know that this is vital in order for our mentoring program to succeed. Understanding your business and your expectations is essential but above all, working together with you is of paramount importance if we are to make a significant difference.

    We will respect and admire your unique talents in what you have achieved to date. Rather than tell you what to do, we will work with you to determine your immediate and long-term objectives. We will also make recommendations and offer business support that will enable you to achieve your ambitions.

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    We tailor our service to target your individual business needs.

    How Our Business Mentoring Works

    The initial consultation meeting with our Principal Mentor is provided Free Of Charge in order to determine your business mentoring requirements, and for you to consider the services we have to offer.

    You may require our business advisory services for a short time to provide business mentoring for a simple problem or special project. Or you may wish to engage our services to work with you for an extended period. Either way, we can help. Our small business consulting and mentoring consists of business performance reviews, strategic business planning and leadership coaching. 

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