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Mentor Your Business


Are you a small to medium-sized business in Adelaide looking for the right business support to achieve your goals?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Mentor Your Business provides external management expertise to enable you to better manage your business and to develop strategies geared toward achieving your immediate and long-term goals.

With over 40 years of diverse experience, we’re well equipped to help your business navigate through the challenges it faces and achieve your ultimate objectives. Above all, Mentor Your Business will be your partner in providing one-on-one advice, business coaching and on-going support through our business mentoring service, that’s customised to best suit your individual business needs.

Mentor Your Business Who We Are
Who we are

Our Principal Mentor has a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 40 years of practical, hands-on business ownership and corporate management experience across a variety of industries.

Mentor Your Business How We Do It
How we do it

We become your sounding board for problems you are facing and actions you are considering. We work with you to identify strategies to improve performance and develop continuous improvement outcomes.

Mentor Your Business Our Fees
Our Fees

Our fees for ongoing services, beyond the initial consultation, are charged at an hourly rate based on actual hours of consultative time. There are no long-term contracts so you’re not locked into our service.


At Mentor Your Business, our mentoring services aim to sustain the things you are good at while developing new ideas. We share our own experiences to help your business uncover new opportunities. Our service includes business performance reviews, business coaching, strategic planning and leadership coaching, which we provide in a diligent manner on a timely basis and at a reasonable cost.


First of all, we conduct performance appraisals to assess the current state of the business, from Financial and Sales and Marketing to Administrative and Operational Performance.

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In addition, we will work closely with you and your Senior Management to develop a strategic business plan that is customised to your business and its main priorities.

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To help you lead effectively, we will assist you in identifying areas of personal development and provide you with key ideas, techniques and information.

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Mentor Your Business
provides the right advice
to enable you to
better manage your business
so you can enjoy life
and sleep at night!


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